Dienstag, 12. Juni 2007

UndercoverProfits by John Jonas

I never heard of John Jonas before...

But he gets some attention with his "Undercover Profits" at www.undercoverprofits.com

Here is a email I got from Chris at DayJobKiller.com


Update: There are a *small* number of Under Cover Profits slots
left at this point

==> http://www.dayjobkiller.com/goesundercover

Remember, UCP has *already* been proven to generate thousands of
dollars for affiliates who were struggling with Adwords.

Check out the sales copy for dozens of case studies like
this..."My earnings are now at $331 profit today..."

But don't spend too much time reading the sales letter. With GDC
sold out ...and UCP about to sell out for the *second time* you
need to move fast to secure a slot.

And given that the tool automates and expands on *two* of the
deadliest techniques inside Affiliate Project X and Day Job
Killer, the test subject results really don't surprise me...

Go ahead and see what I mean ==>

Also, DON'T forget my 1 hour long UCP "six figure" training
videos are bundled in, along with brand new UCP version 2
features such as....

- the ability to scan not just Google.com for profitable ads,
but also Google UK, Google Australia, MSN, Yahoo... so now no
market is safe from UCP super affiliates.

- the ability to seek out not just profitable Google Cash
campaigns, but also profitable review pages, squeeze pages AND
pre-sells. So you can find lots of little $20 a day earners, and
then go after the big earning campaigns at your own pace. The
potential for ClickBank affiliates is unlimited...

- and, don't forget, Click-Flipping (sold out at $300 a month
and no longer available) is part of the UCP arsenal too. Which
means you can automate keyword tracking with the touch of a
button as well...

Order, and then forward your receipt to 75k@dayjobkiller.com to
claim your step-by-step UCP videos, so you can start cloning
profitable campaigns right away.

It doesn't come any better than this for Adwords affiliates. Put
simply, it's the best chance you have of quitting your job and
becoming a full-time affiliate.

And remember, it's all *low risk* - we let other affiliates do
the testing - we just swoop in and swipe the winners.

Which means no more money wasted on Adwords, and the majority of
your campaigns succeeding right out the gate.

This is officially your last chance NOT to miss out a third (and
probably final) time.

==> http://www.dayjobkiller.com/goesundercover

Congratulations to those who have bagged one of the final slots
and are putting it to use as we speak.




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