Freitag, 22. Juni 2007

Have you seen this?

Whether or not you choose to become involved in
any of our ventures, we welcome your comments and
questions, and ideas at any time, and will do our very best
to address them.

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If you don't know what ClickBank is, or it seems
terribly unclear what it means to be an
affiliate, don't worry, we will answer
all of your questions.

We are approachable, accountable, and readily
available via telephone, email, or our support
system. We are the ONLY ClickBank Integrated
Income System available, and you will soon
understand why we are firmly established as the
leader in what we do.

We have been developing tools to help people just
like you to maximize their home business affiliate
income using ClickBank, SFI, MDI, SiteSell and many
more for over 5 years now, and we are proud that we
have become well-respected for our ethical business
practises and integrity, as well as our friendly,
honest and easy-going approach to business,
purposefully alienating ourselves from the hype-mongers
and "town crier" personalities that seem to be everywhere
in the home business genre.

Ron and I would like to make the following
commitment to you,

Should you ever:

1. Need help understanding how to make the most
of your web venture,

2. Require assistance marketing, ad tracking, ad
copy, etc. in any way;

3. Feel you have been "left out in the cold" with
respect to doing business on the web in ANY

If you find yourself in one of these situations,
please drop us a line at

We feel truly privileged to have this opportunity
to develop a relationship with you, whether you
are a seasoned pro, or this is your first web

If you like, please just drop us a line, say "Hi"
and introduce yourself... maybe give us a few
lines of what your wishes or goals are, and how
you see yourself getting there. Perhaps we can
help you "zero-in" on it a little better.

Maybe you have an idea we could develop together?

Ron and I are people oriented, not computer
oriented. The Internet is not a stand-alone
income solution, but it is a powerful leverage
tool when used properly.

Our success depends on your success. We didn't
discover any coveted money-making "secrets", we
didn't have some sort of marketing "revelation"
in a dream.... and we didn't overhear some
self-declared marketing genius at a coffee

Ron and I started playing on the web 6-7 years
ago and our first web site just 4-5 short years

I want you to know that I believe that you can do
this too. We are by no means web "weenies". We
don’t do motivational speeches to masses. We
learn to earn, and then pass on what we have
learned to our members, just like you so can
profit too.

Learn from our mistakes and profit from our

The system that we have put in place has all the
tools you need to succeed on the web. Believe in

We are stuck on the notion that people ALWAYS
come first. Before anybody is a "prospect” or a
"lead", as we so often read about, these same
"prospects" are PEOPLE!

If you treat PEOPLE with respect, and take time
to pass on to them what you know, they will stay
with you. Some will become acquaintances, and
others long-time friends.

They may not buy anything from you now. That's
fine. They may not buy anything from you ever.
That's fine too....But they WILL REMEMBER YOU.
Make a favorable, positive impression on them and
they WILL refer you to others that may buy from

Loyalty is difficult to build in customers, but
not so difficult to build in friends that have
learned to trust you.

We would like you as our friend and partner
first, and if you happen to see the value in what
we are doing, then we will already have a sound
relationship to build on.

******* OUR FLAGSHIP PRODUCT - Click Here - *******

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