Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2007

Long Tail Keywords Traffic by Jason Dolman from

Long Tail Keywords Traffic by Jason Dolman from

Long tail keywords almost always convert much better than general
keywords. This has been proven time and time again.

If you are not using long tail marketing strategies, then you are
missing out on a ton of traffic.

I recently read a KILLER ebook on long tail traffic. It is really
informative (113 pages) and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Some of the topics include:

- Safe, white hat search engine optimization techniques that work
like gangbusters now and will keep on working for years to come.

- Unique step by step instructions for flying under the radar and
capturing top search engine rankings for hidden search terms that
will make you real money.

- 3 different strategies barely used to generate mega traffic and
super power your long tail traffic results, including top methods
for capitalizing on Squidoo, Wikipedia and 5 other key sites.

- A simple content page you can create in a few minutes that will
have website owners falling over themselves to link to you. Plus,
5 hooks that almost force backlinks to your website.

There is a lot more, but those are a few of the nuggets. ;)

If you want to bulletproof your traffic and get top search engine
rankings, then you need to get a copy at:

All the Best


Dienstag, 17. Juli 2007

How long does it take to see high rankings and website success?

Charles Heflin has created a Tutorial:

I am continuing to answer questions in
full detail that have been submitted to

I have created a completely interactive
tutorial that will allow you to see the
steps involved with creating a successful

Knowing these steps will allow you to
understand how long it will take.

Check it out here:

And this here:

There is not nearly as much competition as you
think in the search engines.

This new tutorial with video will change
your view and should get you excited
about how little competition there really
is across all markets: is now LIVE

By Jonathan Leger:

The network that's already launched hundreds of sites into
top search engine rankings is now live! I was going to
wait until tomorrow to announce it, but then I thought:

Why wait? Everything's working fine, why not let people
start getting their rankings rising as fast as possible?

If you're in a hurry, go to now and sign up
to get your site into the network immediately:

In 5 minutes you can have your site live on the network,
gaining links every day until it reaches 250 one-way
links to your site. Imagine what that will do for your
search engine rankings!

It Really, REALLY Works

I'm not going to waste a lot of time pitching this service
to you. I'm just going to let you read other peoples'
words and experiences with -- what they
have to say is far better than anything I could say
to you.

Here are just a few:


Hi Jon,

We are absolutely blown away by the results we have seen
since joining 3WayLinks.

Our site has gone from the fifth page of Google to number 1
in Google (out of 2,670,000) for our primary keyword.

We are now #2 (out of 2,770,000) for our second keyword.

We are now #3 (out of 1,850,000) for our third keyword.

These results are beyond our wildest expectations. Thank
you so much for providing this amazing tool!

M. Flanigan


Looking for linking partners is a full time job in itself
and I've never really gotten around to doing it because I
find it so tedious.

3WayLinks is really a set it and forget it type tool that
gives you the leverage you need to explode your traffic!

In the past two weeks my website traffic has almost
doubled and I don't see that slowing down any but only
increasing. I'm impressed and pleased to say the least.

M. Oliver



You have done it again mate. Another quality revenue
raising platform for the masses.

My site has been bumped up the Google list enormously for
my chosen keywords. The clincher is the traffic. Up by
over 38%. Consequently my sales are up over 22%.

It is true. The simple things in life, or the internet in
this case, are often the best. 3waylinks is so basic, it
is brilliant.

Congrats mate.

C. McPherson


To contact any of these customers, just find their
testimonial on the 3WayLinks home page and click the
'Email This Customer' link under their name:

How It Works

You submit your site, provide a few details about the
links you want to show up in the network, and then upload
a PHP file to your site and add a link to it from your

That's it. There's nothing else to it.

In 24 hours or less, links will start to appear across
the network pointing at your site with the keywords
you chose. Slowly, steadily (just the way Google likes
it), the links will spread at a rate averaging about
4 per day, until you have 250 one-way, in-bound links
across the network.

How Much Does It Cost?

That's the wrong question. What you should be asking is:
How much can it earn for me? I’ll tell you straight up: a
membership in the network is $47 a month.
That lets you put 20+ sites into the network.

Now, if you're thinking that $47 a month is too much for
you to afford right now, look at it this way:

Let's say you have only one web site at the moment,
and let's say you do the keyword research and pick the
right keywords to rank for, and builds your
ranking so that you're getting even just 1,000 unique
visitors a month.

If you sell a product on the site that earns you $20 a
sale, and converts 1% of your unique visitors into
buyers -- that's 10 sales a month, for a total of $200
a month.

Was it worth $47 a month? Absolutely! A 420% return
on your investment!

But why would you stop there? You can take that $200
and invest a little of it into building 4 more niche
sites. You carefully do your keyword research again
for each site, and set yourself up for another 1,000
visitors per month for each site.

If you again have a $20 product for each niche site
that converts at 1%, that's $200 for each of the 5
sites you now have up. Five times $200 is $1,000
a month.

But again, why stop there? lets you
add 20 sites to the network. If you can get 20
sites earning in that same neighborhood -- which
is very realistic -- that's $4,000 a month! All
from your $47 a month.

That's an 8,500% return on your investment!

Of course, mileage will vary depending on how well you
do your keyword and product research, and how much
competition is out there, but that should give you an

$47 a month doesn't look so expensive now, does it?

More Success Stories

There are SO MANY success stories for, and
in a very short period of time (about 3 weeks). Here are
a few more:


Jon - You Are A Genius!

My site went from nowhere, to the first page in google in
just a few weeks! My traffic more than tripled in just a
few weeks all of your products, this is another
super-duper invention!

For anyone trying to rank in the search engines, 3WayLinks
is an absolute must!

Thank you for making this possible Jon.

K. Troyer


Hi Jon,

Having initially been sceptical about your claims, I am
glad to be able to say now that the scepticism was
unfounded, as my site jumped from position 38 to number
one for the chosen keywords in just 2 weeks.

Best of Luck,

P. Dindorp


All of my hard work and dedication landed me on page 9
before joining, so I was floored when I hit
#1 for my primary keyword after just 3 weeks of being a
part of your system. Wow!

If you have a website, joining is absolute
easiest, most efficient way to get to the top.

Thank you so much!

E. Martinsen


Again, to contact any of these customers, just find their
testimonial on the home page and click the 'Email This
Customer' link under their name:

YOU Should Be The Next Success Story!

Would you like your sites to automatically gather links
and rank in the major search engines like the people
mentioned above?

What would being in the top 10 for your chosen keywords
do for your bottom line?

Find out right now by joining the 3WayLinks network:

Montag, 16. Juli 2007

3 Way Links at

Here is an email from Jonathan Leger about his new service...

I wanted to send an update about how well my new 3WayLinks
service is working for the sites who are getting into the

The response has been incredible so far, and I don't want
you missing out on this amazing opportunity to get your
web sites ranking well in Google, Yahoo and MSN. 62% of
the site in the network have PageRank, some as high as
PR7! Imagine all of these sites linking to YOURS.

It's been 7 days since the last time I ran a rank check
across 678 sites on the network to see how well they're
doing in the search engine results.

I initially ran the rank check 14 days after the sites
entered the network. In that 14 day period, the sites
made the following gains:

Gained 100 points => 5 sites
Gained 90 - 99 points => 14 sites
Gained 80 - 89 points => 22 sites
Gained 70 - 79 points => 32 sites
Gained 60 - 69 points => 26 sites
Gained 50 - 59 points => 30 sites
Gained 40 - 49 points => 42 sites
Gained 30 - 39 points => 64 sites
Gained 20 - 29 points => 75 sites
Gained 10 - 19 points => 107 sites
Gained 1 - 9 points => 252 sites

(Where a "point" is one ranking position in Google. i.e.
if a site moved from #10 to #9 for its keywords, it gained
one "point". Also, all point gains shown occured in the
top 100 results.)

Now, 7 days after running those tests, I've run the rank
check again to see if the sites are continuing to rise.
The results are a resounding YES. Here are the gains
made in the last 7 days IN ADDITION to the initial gains
made in the first 14 days:

Gained 100 points => 6
Gained 90 - 99 points => 12
Gained 80 - 89 points => 13
Gained 70 - 79 points => 16
Gained 60 - 69 points => 13
Gained 50 - 59 points => 14
Gained 40 - 49 points => 18
Gained 30 - 39 points => 26
Gained 20 - 29 points => 29
Gained 10 - 19 points => 51
Gained 1 - 9 points => 183

Hundreds of sites continue to rise in the rankings for
their chosen keywords, even though LESS THAN HALF of the
links that will eventually point to these sites are now
live! That means there are more increased rankings to

In just 7 days, 393 more sites have moved into the top 10
results for their keywords in Google, and an additional 9
have reached the #1 placement for their keywords.

What are you waiting for? Start your
sites climbing up the search engine results RIGHT NOW
by joining the 3Waylinks network at:

It takes 5 to 10 minutes at most to get your site setup and
in the network.

Jonathan Leger

ThemeZoom is Closing Down

Over the course of the past year I have had many SEO 20/20
students ask me about ThemeZoom.

I persisted (as well as many others) in getting the ThemeZoom
staff to give us an exact rundown of everything that ThemeZoom

After seeing what they came up with I was shocked!

Without hype or BS the list of ThemeZoom functions and benefits
resulted in a sales page that is so long it's almost

What's funny is the fact that there is no fluff or
hype in the sales letter at all... It's nothing but features
and benefits.

Finally we have a definitive definition of what ThemeZoom is!

Russell and the ThemeZoom staff finally put this thing together
just in time for them to shut their doors to the public.

I asked Russell why he was doing this and he said that they
have to focus on their core group of customers and give them
their undivided attention.

If you are on the fence about using ThemeZoom then hopefully
this letter will shed some light on it. You need to hurry though
because the doors to ThemeZoom are slamming shut.

I know it may take you a while to read it and watch the videos
but it is worth it not just because ThemeZoom is worth it but
because the knowledge given in the letter is powerful.