Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2007

Common Sense search engine optimization SEO

Jonathan Leger brought it to the POINT:

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are a
lot of myths and rumors floating around about what does
and does not work. A lot of this "knowledge" appears
valid, because it sounds like it should be true, but beware!

Much of the information floating around about the right
way to optimize for the search engines (especially Google)
is very, very wrong. A lot of it is based on assumptions:

"Google must be smart enough to consider [erroneous
conclusion here]…" or "I BELIEVE Google [additional erroneous
information here] …"

Some of it is based on old truths. For example, search
engines used to have a harder time indexing script-based
sites (i.e. PHP instead of plain HTML), and so those sites
didn't do as well in the index. But that was a long, long
time ago (in web years anyway).

The engines have long since been ranking script-based
sites in among plain HTML with no problems — but the rumor
is still heard even today.

Be careful what you believe about SEO. If you're reading
an article or forum post about a particular method or
technique, make sure it's backed up with actual data,
evidence, and examples before running out and starting
to apply it to your site.

What you'll find in most cases is that the supposed "facts"
aren't actually being demonstrated or backed up with proof
and examples.

Let me give you two BIG myths as examples, and show you
actual proof that they are, in fact, bogus (at least
right now).

1. The Themed-Link Myth

This is one of my favorite myths. Everyone assumes that
Google simply MUST be smart enough to know whether your
links are coming from sites that have the same (or related)
theme, and therefore links from sites with the same theme
are the only way to rank for your keywords.

Pure myth.

Google may, in fact, know whether or not the links are
coming from websites of a similar theme. It may, in fact,
add more weight to these links. But to claim that you MUST
get links from similarly-themed sites in order to rank is
pure mythology.

Here are some examples that disprove the claim:

Keywords: search engine optimization
Rank: #3 in Google

The phrase "search engine optimization" is probably one of
the most difficult phrases to rank for. After all, all of
the best search engine marketers want to hold the top
positions for those keywords in order to sell their
services. is doing very well in this regard, ranking
#3 for the phrase (as of this writing). Number one is held
by Wikipedia, and number two by Google itself.

If you go to Google and take a look at the backlinks
pointing to (using the link: command),
you'll notice that very, very few of those links have
anything to do with search engine optimization or marketing
at all. The exception are internal links from the domain
itself, and that's about it.

So if it's such a fact that you have to have links from
similarly-themed sites in order to rank for your keywords,
how does this site manage to pull off such a huge feat?

Simple: you don't have to have links from sites of the same
theme — you just need a lot of links with your keywords
in them!

Keywords: free cell phone
Rank: #1 in Google

Yes, this site ranks #1 in Google for the very competitive
phrase "free cell phone". But almost none of its backlinks
come from sites or pages having anything to do with cell
phones, or phones, or communications in general (go to
Google and see for yourself–but be warned, some of the
links are from adult sites).

So again, another site ranking for a competitive set of
keywords that somehow manages to do it without "themed links".
How is this possible if you can only rank well with themed

And again, it's simple: you don't have to have links from
sites of the same theme — you just need a lot of links with
your keywords in them!

Here are a couple more examples that rank very well for
difficult keywords despite almost all of their links coming
from off-theme sites, in case you want to explore further
(but I won't go into detail about these):

Keywords: hoodia
Rank: #3 in Google

Keywords: affiliate programs
Rank: #1 in Google

Does this mean that Google won't put more emphasis on
theme-related links in the future? No, it doesn't. They
might, they might not. But whether they aren't quite as
"smart" as people think they are, or they've just chosen
not to do it (for whatever reason), it is still quite
possible to rank for very difficult keywords with all of
your links coming from off-theme sites.

One point that has proven to make a real difference: Google
is discounting reciprocal links more than it used to. They
still matter, just not nearly as much. One-way links appear
to be the way to go.

2. The Themed-Content Myth

Another "common sense" notion about Google is that all of
the content on your site should revolve around the same
theme, otherwise it won't rank well for the keywords you
want to because your theme will get "too diluted".

Pure mythology.

The number one biggest proof against this notion is covers almost 2 million very
diverse topics (as of this writing), and yet ranks
incredibly well for a huge array of keywords.

In fact, there are few informational searches you can
do on Google these days that Wikipedia DOESN'T rank
well for.

As one example, take "internet marketing", for which
Wikipedia ranks #1 in Google. There are a few related pages
around the subject (about 426 as of now), but Google has
3,220,000 pages indexed for Wikipedia — of which the vast
majority have nothing to do with internet marketing.

How is this possible if everything on the site has to be
theme-related in order to rank well for the keywords?

Simple: the notion that all content on a site must be of
the same theme is a myth.

But Wikipedia is seen as a kind of deity among websites.
Are there any "lesser" examples? Yes. Here are a few
of them:

Keywords: energy drinks
Rank: #2 in Google

The "energy" subfolder of has a few
hundred pages devoted to energy drinks, for sure, but if
you do a command at Google, you'll
see that the site has 4,320 pages indexed on a very diverse
set of subject matter that has nothing to do with energy
drinks (or health in general).

Despite this, it ranks #2 in Google (just under Wikipedia,
which again, is not all about energy drinks or health).

So do you have to have 100% related content on a site?
The facts say no.

Well, then, how is this site ranking for "energy drinks"?
Check its backlinks (especially at Yahoo) and you'll see
that the site has a lot of backlinks. That's what's
getting it the ranking — not how "on theme" it is.

Even now, with all of Google's "smarts", it's all about
the links.

Keywords: baby names
Rank: #3 in Google

Do you find it hard to believe that a government site
ranks #3 in Google for such a competitive term like
"baby names"? It sure does, though, despite the fact that
Google says that only 33 pages of the 24,900 page site
are related to the topic "baby names".

Can sites rank well even with diverse themes existing on
the same domain? The facts say yes. How do you do it?
You need links.

Keywords: business cards
Rank: #8 in Google

According to Google, has 3,460 pages
related to "business cards". That's about 20% of its
16,300 indexed pages. So, is this site about business?
Or maybe finance or investment or small businesses or
something that's related to "business cards" in some way?

What is the main site about? The site's title tag says
of itself:

"creativebits | Apple oriented design community"

It's a blog about Mac-based graphics design software. So
how does a site about Mac-oriented graphics software rank
for the phrase "business cards"?

Links, of course! Take a look at the backlinks in Yahoo
and you'll see it has thousands of them. And, incidentally,
if you do take a look at those backlinks — they come from
pages having nothing to do with business cards (or business
in general).

So if a page of content devoted to a highly competitive
phrase on a site whose theme is completely unrelated to
the phrase itself ranks for that very competitive phrase,
can it really be said that Google requires a site to be
all about one theme?


One thing that does seem to hold true, though, is that if
you're going to have diverse themes on your site, you need
to separate them into their own subdomains or subfolders.
That seems to help Google know that the "theme" of that
folder or subdomain is different, and to treat it

Myths are Dangerous

All of these myths are dangerous, because they get people
focusing on techniques and methods that simply aren't
really effective.

That said, is it a bad thing to make sure that all of your
links come from sites with similar themes? Or is it a bad
thing to make sure the content on your site stays on theme?

No, it's not bad. Going forward, Google may in fact take
those things into account more.

But don't be surprised when you are out-ranked by sites
whose content is not devoted to the theme, and whose links
come from all over the map!

I've found that most of these kinds of SEO myths are
propagated by people who are failing in their optimization
attempts. They make blanket statements, backed up by vapor,
out of frustration for their own failed attempts.

"Google must require themed-backlinks because my sites isn't
ranking well and I have a lot of links!" That kind of logic
is faulty.

It makes much more sense to listen to the facts, facts like
the ones I've presented here. Which sites are actually
ranking well now, and what are they doing to achieve those
rankings? Focus on what's working, not on the myths spread
by people who can't seem to make it work.

So what's working? Getting a lot of one-way links pointed
at your site containing your keywords. That's the short of
it. There are some other things to keep in mind, like making
sure the links grow slowly over time and don't all just
suddenly appear on hundreds of sites, and making sure that
you vary your link text so that it looks "natural".

But the bottom line is, at least for the present, you need
a lot of links.

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Dienstag, 26. Juni 2007

SEO Co-occurrence and why should you care

Charles Heflin has some new insights about the Co-occurrence of keywords.

You have probably already learned about LSI
and the importance of theming the content
of your web pages by including search
engine proven synonyms in the body of your

Well, there is a little bit more to this
and it is called co-occurrence.

This lesson on co-occurence contains 2
videos and also contains an introduction
to The Plan 2007.

The Plan 2007 is new and fresh off the press.

Freitag, 22. Juni 2007

Have you seen this?

Whether or not you choose to become involved in
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Freitag, 15. Juni 2007

Theme Bleeding

The next lesson in the Master Plan Mini Course is about Theme

It is vital that you understand the effect of Theme Bleeding or you
could easily fall victim to search engine ranking suicide.

I will take the case study example from the previous lesson and
show you a video of the number one reason why a site with only 210
backlinks and a Google PR4 is outranking a site with 3,500
backlinks and a Google PR5.

It defies all logic but Theme Bleeding is the main culprit.

Please review the following lesson with 1 case study video included.

Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2007

Website Themes through Silos

More of Charles Heflin:

You need to make it very easy for the search engine spiders to
understand the theme of your site.

If you do this correctly then it will be like shooting fish in a
barrel to the search engines and they will automatically rank you
above your competition.

In this next lesson I will explain what a website silo is and
I will show you the first of many case study examples that
will prove that a solid silo structured site will beat
a site with no silo structure.

You don't want to miss this vital lesson:

Dienstag, 12. Juni 2007

UndercoverProfits by John Jonas

I never heard of John Jonas before...

But he gets some attention with his "Undercover Profits" at

Here is a email I got from Chris at


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Montag, 11. Juni 2007

How to get up in the search rankings

Here is a great trick from Jonathan Leger on how to get up in the search engine:

As you may or may not know, I'm working to rank for the
phrase "coolest guy on the planet" in Google. My site
is currently #6 out of 984,000 results for the phrase,
and it's taken me less than two months to get there.

The site catalogs my efforts to rank for the keywords,
so I suggest you read over what I'm doing if you haven't
done so recently:

The latest trick I discovered, that sent my site from
#8 to #6 in 48 hours, was creating a Squidoo lens and a
few free blogs, each at a different free blog server,
and linking all of them to the site. This created
one-way backlinks, which is no surprise or secret.

What WAS new to me, though, was a method I tested to get
the lens and the blogs indexed in Google FAST (within
48 hours).

To accomplish this, I submitted links to the lens and the
blogs as stories, and also submitted them as and links.

Since those three sites have very high PageRank (Digg and are both PR8, and is a PR7), the
links to the lens and blogs were crawled within hours,
and the sites showed up in Google within 48 hours.

This means that the links pointing to the "coolest guy"
site got picked up in that same 48 hour period, and it
appears that Google applied the effects of the links
in that same period of time, jumping me up 2 slots from
#8 to #6.

In addition to that, I also submitted links directly to
the "coolest guy" site to, and, adding 3 more high-powered one-way links for
Google to crawl and count.

How much difference does 2 slots make in traffic? A lot
more than you might expect! At #8 I was receiving 15 to
25 visitors a day to the site. After moving up 2 slots,
I'm now receiving 30 - 65 visitors a day -- more than

So if you're trying to move up in the ranks of Google,
create some good content blogs and a Squidoo lens and
link them to your site, then submit stories to, and to get them crawled and
indexed fast.

This is very powerful and thought about sharing this info on my blog...

About the Squidoo Lens (what you would consider a page...) watch this video:

and getting traffic to your Squidoo Lens:

Check these videos from Tiffany Dow at

Thanks Tiffany. - Business Directory

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Latent Semantic Indexing

Charles Heflin is "top" when it comes to SEO: Here a lesson about: "Latent Semantic Indexing"

If you don't take the time to learn about
Latent Semantic Indexing then you will
be mission out on the next generation
of search engine optimization and will
quickly be buried by your competition.

If you do take the time to learn about it
then you will rise in rankings quickly
and easily regardless of the number
of backlinks you gain to your site.

Latent Semantic Indexing is all about
showing the search engines that your
site is more "relevant" than competing

As The Master Plan Mini Course progresses
you will be amazed at how easy it is to
out rank 99 percent of the websites on the
Internet in just about any niche.

The playing field is wide open. The first step
is to learn what Latent Semantic Indexing is
by reading the next lesson found here:

In the next lesson I will begin showing you
proof that this is here to stay and how to
begin using it to your advantage easily.

Best regards,

Charles Heflin

Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2007

I'll Be Using THIS Dinosaur Software. Already Installed It.

More of this MME3 stuff...

I can´t see it any loger!

I'll keep this short, concise and to the point.

A new dinosaur software is in town.

Before I tell you what it is, I want to say this:

I have installed it on my main eBusiness Hub site.

Yes... I'm going to be using it myself.


1. It's feature rich... in the extreme.

2. The people behind it are the most respectable ones out there:
Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson. I can trust them.

3. This software has been in use and tested for many months.
In fact, the core is the software that Jeremy's been using
to run his ultra successful Sure Fire Wealth membership site.

What more can I ask for?

I'm talking about this CMS Infusion dino software.

It's part of the MarketingMainEvent just launched by J and S.

I'm going to use it so I recommend it:

To your success,

Mike M.

CMS Infusion and the Marketing Main Event 3 - the ongoing story

Everyone and there brother is promoting this

Today a promo from Jim Daniels:

Can you remember why you decided you wanted to start an Internet
business? Was 'having more time' one of main reasons you started?
Time and more money perhaps?

So what happened?

Did you ever imagine your business was going to suck up your
evenings, your weekends - the time you should be spending with
your friends, your loved ones? And for what? A few measly bucks
here and there?

Many of the people I hear from say THAT is their reality of
running a small business online. With all the hundreds of little
things you need to manage, all that 'time and money' you dreamed
of - well, it just doesn't happen for most people.

Today I want to show you a way to gain freedom from the time
munchers of your business - and a way to see the income you
expected and more. Before I show you though, I want to
tell you my personal thoughts on this new program.

I've worked with the creators for years and they always give me a
"complimentary preview" of the new programs they develop. I spent
quite a bit of time poking around inside their site and to say I
was impressed would be an understatement.

Yet I almost did not send this message today.

That's because I know there will be hundreds of messages for this
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So here it is...

To your success,
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JDD Publishing Co.

Dienstag, 5. Juni 2007

Onpage search engine optimization

Onpage search engine optimization are things that you can change ON your webpage:

Title tag
Header tags
Bolding, Italicizing, Underlining
Alt image tags
Meta Tags

Another offer for the "The Marketing Main Event" from

I also got this promo today for the "The Marketing Main Event" from

The email said: "software that makes you coffee"

Here is the text:

Ok, ok - you caught me. It doesn't
*REALLY* make you coffee but it does
everything else you could need and
want as a website owner with the
biggest benefit being;


That's right - you can point, click,
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Just WATCH THIS to get the full picture;

Seen it already? Then go here to see
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Another email follow up

from Jesse Jameson:

There's one marketing weapon, mightier than
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Those who possess this weapon and know
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Jesse Jameson

Montag, 4. Juni 2007

Putting the NET in Network Marketing

I received this mail today about network marketing and the: "Putting the NET in Network Marketing" product on

It’s true. If you listen to the typical “training” you are provided when you start, you WILL probably fail. You won’t get the fast start you need – and you will constantly struggle on a monthly basis keeping growing and pulling in the money.

Quite some time ago, those techniques DID work.

Not anymore.

Nowadays, you need to use techniques that work in 2006 – and beyond. You need specific training on techniques that others are using with consistently successful results.

Honesty, WHO CARES if it worked 10 years ago and build a leader a 10,000 person team? No one &nda sh; but him.

ALL you should care about is finding tips and techniques that are working NOW.

When you find them, you need to take massive action and implement them as soon as you can… before the effectiveness wears off (which it undoubtedly will do within the next 12 or 24 months).

Sad but true.

But technology changes, people change, the economy changes, world events change regularly as well.

And you MUST ADAPT to what is going on around you.

Right now, my system is wo rking… for me… for my team… for a large number of others who have taken advantage of my book release.

It WILL work for you, I personally guarantee it.

The system is simple to copy, no matter where you live, what you earn, or what stage you are at in your business.

Once you set it up:

- it helps you find leads
- it warms them up to you
- it does a fair amount of the education and presentations for you
- it answers xobjections
- it makes sure they are a good fit for your organization.
- and when they are, it gets them signed up, trained (some automatically and some by phone), and recruiting on their own like a madman (or mad person, to be politically correct).

It helps you figure this internet marketing game out, once and for all.

For example:

- where to find HOT leads
- how to c ultivate them to find the best ones
- when to make cold calls – and when to automate them
- what to say when you DO make calls
- which automation tools work best – and fastest
- how to tap into the search engine gold mine
- how to use google to turbo-charge your business
- how to do advertising and marketing, the right way
- avoiding the 27% factor – why you should, and must

To name just a few things you learn.

The system will work for you… if you let it.

The question is – do you prefer to reinvent the wheel yourself? Or do you enjoy sitting back and letting others save you the time, money and hassle of doing it yourself?

If you prefer things the easier way, get a copy of my book now. It reveals my entire system I use. It shows you how to duplicate it. And it gives you the fast-track path to making a great income in the network marketing business.

There are easier ways.

Here is the easiest I have found -

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To your business building success,

Mike Ray

PS - A member of my organization has been the #1 sponsor in North America for the last three years running using this system. The system has assisted individuals from all over the globe to grow a six figure income in network marketing all from the convenience of their home and computer.

Freitag, 1. Juni 2007

Easy Anti Spam from Easy Anti

Easy Anti Spam from Easy Anti - Consumer: Hosted Services Providers, Internet Service Providers and owners of dedicated mail servers

The purpose of Easy Anti Spam is to eliminate SPAM and virus bearing emails.

Pros: Since SPAM is so universally hated why do you suppose there is still so much of the stuff around? Mostly it is because there are enough suckers out there to make it worthwhile. However, you and your customers are not those suckers. Blocking spam is a very big deal!

You can try Easy Anti Spam for a full 30 days before you are charged the first penny. The people are that confident that you will be so impressed that after your 30 day free trial, you will be so impressed that you will sign up for life by the month of course.

The Easy Anti Spam program blocks 99% of all Spam. It is eliminated before it ever even touches your infrastructure. It also blocks inbound virus and malicious emails before they get to you. Around the clock anti spam and antivirus updates provide higher levels of protection than other anti spam programs.

Cons: The Easy Anti Spam service is actually overpriced. There are less expensive methods and services.

Guarantee: There is no specific guarantee of satisfaction but charges are by the month and can be canceled at anytime. There is also a free 30 day trial of the service before the first charge is made.

Value for money: Easy Anti Spam is a very good value.