Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2007

CMS Infusion and the Marketing Main Event 3 - the ongoing story

Everyone and there brother is promoting this

Today a promo from Jim Daniels:

Can you remember why you decided you wanted to start an Internet
business? Was 'having more time' one of main reasons you started?
Time and more money perhaps?

So what happened?

Did you ever imagine your business was going to suck up your
evenings, your weekends - the time you should be spending with
your friends, your loved ones? And for what? A few measly bucks
here and there?

Many of the people I hear from say THAT is their reality of
running a small business online. With all the hundreds of little
things you need to manage, all that 'time and money' you dreamed
of - well, it just doesn't happen for most people.

Today I want to show you a way to gain freedom from the time
munchers of your business - and a way to see the income you
expected and more. Before I show you though, I want to
tell you my personal thoughts on this new program.

I've worked with the creators for years and they always give me a
"complimentary preview" of the new programs they develop. I spent
quite a bit of time poking around inside their site and to say I
was impressed would be an understatement.

Yet I almost did not send this message today.

That's because I know there will be hundreds of messages for this
program flying around today. Yet my mind kept going back to how
powerful a solution this will be for so many of my subscribers,
and there are so many who absolutely NEED something like this.
So here it is...

To your success,
Jim Daniels - Home of
the Famous BizWeb eGazette

P.S. Please drop me a line personally if you decide to get this
program at the link above. I have set aside a bonus $500 ad
coupon for advertising in my BizWeb eGazette to help you get
started on the right path. You can use it whenever you are ready
and I'll personally help you with your campaign.
JDD Publishing Co.

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