Montag, 4. Juni 2007

Putting the NET in Network Marketing

I received this mail today about network marketing and the: "Putting the NET in Network Marketing" product on

It’s true. If you listen to the typical “training” you are provided when you start, you WILL probably fail. You won’t get the fast start you need – and you will constantly struggle on a monthly basis keeping growing and pulling in the money.

Quite some time ago, those techniques DID work.

Not anymore.

Nowadays, you need to use techniques that work in 2006 – and beyond. You need specific training on techniques that others are using with consistently successful results.

Honesty, WHO CARES if it worked 10 years ago and build a leader a 10,000 person team? No one &nda sh; but him.

ALL you should care about is finding tips and techniques that are working NOW.

When you find them, you need to take massive action and implement them as soon as you can… before the effectiveness wears off (which it undoubtedly will do within the next 12 or 24 months).

Sad but true.

But technology changes, people change, the economy changes, world events change regularly as well.

And you MUST ADAPT to what is going on around you.

Right now, my system is wo rking… for me… for my team… for a large number of others who have taken advantage of my book release.

It WILL work for you, I personally guarantee it.

The system is simple to copy, no matter where you live, what you earn, or what stage you are at in your business.

Once you set it up:

- it helps you find leads
- it warms them up to you
- it does a fair amount of the education and presentations for you
- it answers xobjections
- it makes sure they are a good fit for your organization.
- and when they are, it gets them signed up, trained (some automatically and some by phone), and recruiting on their own like a madman (or mad person, to be politically correct).

It helps you figure this internet marketing game out, once and for all.

For example:

- where to find HOT leads
- how to c ultivate them to find the best ones
- when to make cold calls – and when to automate them
- what to say when you DO make calls
- which automation tools work best – and fastest
- how to tap into the search engine gold mine
- how to use google to turbo-charge your business
- how to do advertising and marketing, the right way
- avoiding the 27% factor – why you should, and must

To name just a few things you learn.

The system will work for you… if you let it.

The question is – do you prefer to reinvent the wheel yourself? Or do you enjoy sitting back and letting others save you the time, money and hassle of doing it yourself?

If you prefer things the easier way, get a copy of my book now. It reveals my entire system I use. It shows you how to duplicate it. And it gives you the fast-track path to making a great income in the network marketing business.

There are easier ways.

Here is the easiest I have found -

Plus, it’s completely guaranteed to deliver.

To your business building success,

Mike Ray

PS - A member of my organization has been the #1 sponsor in North America for the last three years running using this system. The system has assisted individuals from all over the globe to grow a six figure income in network marketing all from the convenience of their home and computer.

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