Freitag, 18. Mai 2007

Real Player from

Real Player from - Consumer: Music Lovers

The purpose of Real Player is to provide a platform on which to play music and other audio and video media.

Pros: Real Player has been around the internet scene for many years and it just keeps getting better and better. Real Player is the best of all possible platforms on which to play downloaded music files. With the Live Pause and Perfect Play feature, a user has full control. He can fast forward, pause or rewind live video clips while they play.

Real Player can downloaded QuickTime, Windows Media or MPEG audio/video files and also play your DVDs, VCDs and store-bought or home-made CD-ROMS. It does everything well! The advanced CD burning capability allows you to normalize volume across all CD song tracks, set up cross-fades, and even take out the gaps between audio tracks. You can make your CD’s sound completely professional.

With the enormous variety of skins that are available you can dress up your Real Player and make it reflect your personality and you can change the skin as often as you would like.

Cons: Users can spend a great deal of time changing the skins.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee given on the website but there is customer support available.

Value for money: All of the products are very good values.

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