Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2007

Gotomeeting 3.0 from

Gotomeeting 3.0 from - Consumer: Internet Marketers

The purpose of Gotomeeting is to provide a cost effective way to organize and attend online meetings between providers, customers and employees.

Pros: There is a free trial offered for the Gotomeeting program. If after trying the program for free, you are not duly impressed, you are under no obligation to subscribe to the service.

Online meetings can be set up easily and quickly. Meetings can happen immediately or be scheduled for a future time. The attendees at meetings do not have to be registered Gotomeeting users and there is no charge made for participation.

There is no training required for even the most novice user to be able to begin setting up meetings immediately. Users can present information, share documents and applications with colleagues across the country or just down the hall.

Attendees do not have to download software to be able to participate in online meetings held using the Gotomeeting program. Access is very easy for all and it is free.

This online meeting program is better than others that I have seen or used. There is also a webinar service as well as a Gotomeetingcorporate program available for those companies which need to be able to hold multiple meetings at the same time.

Cons: There are no ‘cons’ for the Gotomeeting program. It is an excellent service that meets or exceeds the advertising promises.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee but there is a free trial and monthly payments can be cancelled at any time.

Value for money: Gotomeeting is an excellent value. The service is priced much lower than comparable services.

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