Montag, 23. April 2007

The Traffic Blazer SEO Tool

The purpose of Traffic Blazer SEO Tool is to promote an online business, increase online visibility and, thus, make more money.

Pros: There is a Traffic Blazer help system available that provides tips, guidance and detailed instructional tutorials on search engine optimization and the search engine industry that is a big help to new Internet marketers. Questions are answered that some new marketers don’t even know to ask.

The keyword and site optimization sections show new marketers the words and phrases that search engines search for. There is also a Robots.txt/Robots Meta tag generator that prevents incomplete or unwanted pages from being crawled and indexed by search engine spiders.

There is a website analysis tool that can help new Internet marketers discover their site’s strengths and weaknesses. Webpages can be analyzed for different sets of key words.

Submitting websites to search engines has been simplified. Websites can be submitted to up to 200 different search engines world wide.

Traffic blazer provides many reports that are more than helpful. Reports include link popularity, list checking, and keyword ranking.

Cons: There are no cons for this product and the price is very competitive with similar products that are available.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee specified but the service can be discontinued at any time. In addition there is an offer for a domain name registration for only $1.99 when this service is taken.

Value for money: Excellent value for the money. It would probably be advisable for new marketers to start with the regular Traffic Blazer service.

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