Sonntag, 15. April 2007

Step 5: Creating a Test Post

In order for the rest of the steps to work properly, you will need to have some content on your blog. Adding content will allow you to create a Yahoo RSS feed.

The content does not have to be relevant and is easy to add.

• Under “Title” add the word Test.
• There is no need to add anything to the “Link” field.
• In the body of the post, once again, add the word Test.

Then you click on the orange “Publish Post” button.

In the example above, if you clicked on “View Blog” you would see that you now have a blog with the URL, a title of Kidney Stones, and one post titled “test.” That is all there is to creating your blog – so let’s move on to the important settings you must know to make this system work in the next post...

until then!

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