Mittwoch, 7. November 2007

Affiliate Elite from Brad Callen at -- A Review

You probably received a huge number of emails about Affiliate Elite yesterday.

My first impression was that it was not so intuitive. If you have purchased either SEO Elite or Keyword Elite before you will know what I mean when I say that. It took me a few hours to work out how the software worked and then I was totally wowed.

Take a look at Affiliate Elite at:

I knew what results I was trying to get having seen 4 videos which are linked to from the salespage. However, it did take me a bit of working out to know how to get there.

Ben Shaffer wrote me about the results he got with ALREADY!!

1. I have a high-selling product in a nice outside of Internet Marketing on
Clickbank. However, I do have a competitor who constantly outranks me. Using the software I was able to find out his affiliates and have now emailed them. Yum yum! I am actually going to be offering them a higher commission rate than my competition.

2. I have 3 products that I successfully promote within internet marketing which I promote exclusively through Google Adwords. Using the software, I was able to find out the keywords which other affiliates are using successfully in order to increase my sales.

3. I was also able to analyze one of my competitors to find out what keywords he is successfully using in organic search in order to make sales.

In short, this tool is extremely valuable and is worth many times its purchase price.

Take a look at Affiliate Elite at:

Is AffilliateElite from Brad Callen something that you need?

If you are doing affiliate marketing using PayDotCom and Clickbank or are selling a product which has competitors which are using PDC and/or Clickbank then you really should not hesitate to purchase this tool as if your competitors are then you will soon notice the advantage that they have over you.

Take a look at Affiliate Elite at:

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